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Project Description

Special edition

Linde Gas

For the somewhat unexpected farewell of the popular manager Jens Waldeck, his employees and colleagues at Linde Gas had something special in mind: In a special edition of the employee magazine “de!n Linde Gas”, on which Waldeck recently also personally collaborated as the author of the editorial, they wanted to say a fitting farewell to him with some personal words. Thanks to the quick and effective support by Löhr & Partner in layout, editing and production, they succeeded in doing just that, even though the time available for implementation was very tight. In just over 48 hours, Löhr & Partner took care of an attractive design in the style of the employee magazine, the proofreading of the articles and the handling of the print job. Thus, the magazine could be handed over in time to Jens Waldeck, who retired this summer after more than 30 years at AGA and Linde Gas. The professional stations of this warm-hearted personality were visually underlined by many souvenir photos provided by the employees. A fitting final touch was added by a Monopoly game tailored to Jens Waldeck on the last double-page spread.