Product brochure
Semi lowloaders

Project Description

Goldhofer Produktbroschüre

Goldhofer Produktbroschüre

Goldhofer Produktbroschüre

Product brochure

Project: Semi lowloaders
Customer: Goldhofer

With the semi lowloaders from Goldhofer, there’s no need to lower any standards: In any situation, one can always totally rely on them. But this project is also a great example of the fact that Goldhofer has found a reliable partner in L&P. After the “Heavy-duty modules” and “Transport equipment for wind power plants” brochures, this was already the third product brochure which we created for Goldhofer within a very short time. We also had no problem at all managing the production of the brochures in several different languages.


  • Typesetting and layout in 5 languages (further languages pending)
  • Digital image processing
  • Translation management
  • Proofreading
  • Print coordination

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